Vespa travel bagSometimes I picture myself like in a movie scene, on the back of a shiny turquoise scooter (yes, in my fantasy it’s turquoise, okay?), silk scarf in my hair, cruising around Europe without a care in the world.

That’s not likely to happen any time soon, but I do love these bags that can add a little of that mod-hipster-cool attitude to your daily grind.

The vintage styled Vespa travel bags
are sturdy and mildly childproof, with just enough bells and whistles
to be practical–zipper pockets, mesh compartments and an adjustable
shoulder strap. It’s such a fun, casual bag for summer, for you, a hip
dad, or even a cool tween or teen in your life. It could even make a
funky diaper bag substitute. No wonder they sell out quickly at Flight

In fact, parents of older kids be warned–they might just try to steal
this gem away from you. Maybe next season you’ll let them. – Stephanie M

Find the collection of Vespa travel bags online at Flight 001 and choose your own adventure.