Luxrtural skin care
I tend to shy away from products specifically made for anti-aging. As much as I love my skincare, I figure a good moisturizer
and tons of sunblock should do the trick in terms of fighting old
father time. But when I heard the philosophy behind Luxtural, which is all about hydration, I was immediately

I’m always a little wary of skincare products touting dubious new
ingredients like Pacific Ocean rainwater, but it turns out Luxtural works for my fickle skin. The line consists of a tightly edited
collection: Mystique Fountain (a hydrating mist), Silk Premonition
(anti-aging/hydrating lotion) and Sophisticated Veil (an anti-aging

The ingredient story is all about the combination of
natural and science. The rain water is mixed with essential oils as well
as peptides, ceramides and hyaluronic acid, all of which provide
extreme hydration.

What I love about the line is that it’s
extremely light; the last thing my skin needs is some heavy, greasy
moisturizer. I’m also a huge fan of the fact that Luxtural is free of
nasty toxins like parabens and chemical fragrances.

The bad news: these products are nowhere near drugstore prices (the serum is $204!), but if you’re a luxury skincare user, this is an amazing choice. The
quality of the ingredients, not to mention the pretty packaging, are a
skincare snob’s dream.

My advice is to alternate between Luxtural and
your other products, to get more bang for your buck while still reaping the benefits.

I’ve been using the samples I tried for a couple weeks now, and while I may not be carded anytime soon, my skin does feel absurdly soft. Turns out that the fountain of youth may be filled with raindrops. -Melissa

Find the luxe line of Luxtural skincare online at

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