Mom's Five-Second Memory JournalLeave it to a mom to know exactly what other moms want – a baby book. But not a time-consuming baby book. And maybe it’s not really a baby book at all, because that just opens up all sorts of expectations about what goes inside and just how perfect it has to be.

Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal is
a wonderfully clever effort from writer and mom Lambeth Hochwald and
designer Alison Oliver. It’s filled with fun prompts, checklists and
fill-in-the-blanks to help you remember some of those moments as a
parent that you might be otherwise too busy to jot down. Things like the
five best children’s books you tell your friends about. Or Since I’ve become a parent, I have been able to sleep late ____ days a week. (Ha.)

can start it before the baby’s here, and keep it going when the kids
are old enough to jump in and add their own scribbles. But it’s not
actually chronological, which means you can crack open any page and jump
right in to whichever prompt inspires you. What a smart baby shower gift when you’re looking for something “for the mom.” As in, not a diaper cake.

One other super cool thing: it’s an equal-opportunity mom journal. It
doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, or live in a two-mommy
household. Think of it like a blog on paper, no html coding required.

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