Girls' dresses in Indian fabric from Ode Kids
The chevron just might be the new hot motif of the season. I’m seeing it everywhere these days, from the new line of bedding at West Elm, to tea towels on Etsy, to the gorgeous little girls’ dresses I just discovered from Ode Kids.

This family-run shop that makes girls’ dresses out of the most beautiful Indian fabrics and I’m so happy to have found them.

The A-line Amparo chevron patterned dress
is gorgeously constructed from hand-loomed Ikat fabric, then lined with
cotton so it has a nice heft to it. Perfect for summer, but it will be
fantastic for the early days of school too, with a cardigan over top or a
long-sleeve tee underneath. It also comes in a pretty blue dress that will make you want to fly off to the Mediterranean, stat.

In fact, I love a lot of the offerings at the Ode Kids shop which blend
modern styling with traditional Indian fabrics–either Ikat weaves or
block prints–all from the designers’ homeland. And I’m inspired by the
photos on the site of their trips to India and to see the artisans
making the fabrics by hand.

Artisan dress fabrics from India at Ode Kids

Dress sizes go from 2-3 to 5-6 and I’d say they’re really right in the
middle; my daughter is not quite a 6 and the 5-6 sample fits her
perfectly with just enough room to grow. They also wash really nicely in
the machine–no puckering or shrinking–although they do recommend that you handwash to preserve the fabrics. (I’m not much of a handwasher.) My only complaint: I want them
to go even bigger. Say, my size? –Liz

Find beautiful girls’ dresses in artisan Indian fabric online at Ode Kids

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