Tea towels from StudiopatroI have a thing for tea towels, but most of the ones I see fall squarely into the Country Living school of design. What, cityfolk don’t dry their dishes too? So I was happy to be introduced to San Francisco studio Studiopatro, which makes lovely linens in more contemporary motifs.

At Studiopatro, I love the collection of handpainted, modern tea towels.
Wrap one around a bottle of wine, a cookbook, or a selection of
artisanal cheeses and you’ve got a fantastic hostess gift for the
upcoming summer weekends.

Check out the city category, and what at first seems like simple blocks,
on closer look represents building facades or aerial views of old
cities. There are also lovely, simple patterns inspired by geometrics,
plants and blocky sayings like TODAY IS A GOOD DAY.

I suppose if someone else is washing the dishes, it is. –Liz

Find a collection of lovely modern tea towels and aprons online at Studiopatro