New fragrance-free baby lotion from MD MomsMore and more of our readers these days ask us for fragrance-free lotion recommendations for sensitive baby skin. And I don’t blame them. I still remember tossing the high-end European stuff that I got at my shower (by my own request), thinking that I didn’t need my newborn smelling like a Bloomingdale’s perfume counter.

So I’m thrilled that one of my favorite brands, the MD Moms, has taken the plunge into the unscented baby lotion world.

I’ve been a raging crazy avid fan of the MD Moms
since I first met these two smart, lovely pediatricians–and their innovative baby products–way back in
the early days of Cool Mom Picks. I eagerly await every new product
launch and innovation, because they have yet to disappoint me. And the same goes for their new fragrance-free baby products which are so gentle and effective, they get the thumbs up from the National Eczema Association.

Personally, I don’t mind the original fragrance, which is light and
allergen-free. But for those of you who don’t want any fragrance at all,
this new line is a fantastic choice. The Baby Silk Gentle All-Over Clean is perfect for bathtime (great on hair and skin); then follow up with the Baby Silk Daily Skin Protection which is so nice, I’ve been known to steal it for myself.

The formulations are luxurious, with the price tag to go with it. Add them to your shower registry hope you get a ton. –Liz

Find the new Baby Silk fragrance-free baby lotion and wash online from the MD Moms website.

Also, follow the MD Moms on Twitter. They’re fun, and their advice is fantastic.