Puj baby booties for newbornsThe last thing I need as a mom of a newborn is an article of clothing that takes actual brain power to figure out how to put on. Give me no-fuss onesies and slip-on pants and I’m a happy camper. I always thought booties fell into the too-much-work-to-put-on-baby category until checking out the new Uno booties from Puj.

Puj, the company famous for the foldable foam Puj infant bathtub that’s so smart it’s in our Baby Shower Gift Guide, just introduced Puj Unos.
Aside from the glaring Puj label right smack dab in the middle of the
bootie, these microsuede baby shoes are real lookers. And real easy to

The booties are symmetrical, meaning that each bootie
fits on either foot, so you can’t screw up putting them on. They’re
super easy to slip on and the breathable, vegan fabric is machine
washable. I love the color options, too–my son’s pair are a brilliant twilight and pale blue.

if you happen to lose a bootie? No problem, just contact Puj and you
can order one individually. Fingers crossed they start making mittens. –Melissa

Puj Unos start at $32 and is available on Pujbaby.com.