Aside from that time I won Scrabble by placing VULVA on a triple word score, I don’t generally get excited over board games. But the other night, I laughed until I was wiping tears off on my husband’s t-shirt, all because of the Awkward Family Photos Board Game.

If you like Awkward Family Photos the website, you’re going to love the game.
When I showed up at a friend’s house with the Awkward Family Photos board game
tucked under my arm, I had some of those frozen margarita packets and a
big box of cherries in my other hand as a peace offering. I’ve never
forced people to play board games before, but you need at least four
people for this one. Turns out the six adults had so much fun playing it
that when my competitive (and hilarious) husband won, he put his chips
back down and said, “Screw it. Let’s keep going.” And we played for
three more hours without keeping score. 
board has two sides, which means there are twice as many opportunities
to answer loaded questions about the most bizarre, hilarious, and creepy
family photos ever captured on film. For each picture, one person rolls
a 20 sided die, and then the other players answer one of 20 questions
about the photo. The roller then has to select a favorite answer and
match the other players to their answers.

Let me tell you, the
results are hilarious. Just don’t play this game with people who are
easily offended. Or at the very least, get them tipsy first. 

left still giggling, and the hostess mentioned that she would be buying
one for her sister for Christmas. All day long, I’ve been snickering.
Let’s just say the phrase, “Too dark, not enough chimps” is going to
come up a lot, and I’ll probably never eat Ruffles again.~Delilah
Buy the buy one Awkward Family Photos board game from our affiliate Amazon, or read more about it at the Awkward Family Photos website. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did, and so will your sister, the 7th grade Glamour Shots addict. 

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