Laurie Berkner Band
My kids and I fell for Laurie Berkner years ago while watching her appearances on Nickelodeon’s Jack’s Big Music Show. Her sweetness and likability, paired with her pretty voice and super-fun songs, translated so well to the screen, she made me feel a little less silly bopping along to Victor Vito because, hey, she was doing it too.

It’s that kind of contagious enthusiasm that is all over her latest DVD release. In fact, it is so much fun, it’s a party. 
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The Laurie Berkner Band’s new DVD release, Party Day!, features a dozen original music videos of well-known songs as well as some new tunes we’re getting to know now. The band primarily plays their instruments and sings during each song while the cartoon scenery changes around them as they jump into three different parties: costume, birthday and pajama.

The foursome puts down their instruments a few times, like when they go in search for an elusive birthday cake (It’s right THERE!, my son kept yelling). Laurie and her bandmates really seem to be enjoying themselves mugging for the camera or goofing along with the most adorable kids who appear with the band throughout. 

The flow of the video makes it easy to play a single segment, like the Birthday Party, when you just need a few minutes of quiet but don’t want the kids to be too sucked in for the entire DVD. But fair warning: their Pajama Party includes The Cookie Bakers of the Night and Choc-o-lot In My Pock-o-lot (with the kids cracking open a pinata) which may get the kids clamoring for a late-night snack. But hey, at least they can’t really grab the candy. –Christina

Laurie Berkner’s DVD and CD Combo Pack, Party Day! is available at Amazon.

Congratulations to Kristin S.!  She won a Laurie Berkner “Party Day” DVD and CD Combo Pack. 

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