Motherlove nipple cream
Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. Cracked nipples? Not so beautiful, and painful to boot. The problem with a lot of the nipple creams on the market is their super chemically feel. Since your little one will be ingesting said ointment when she suckles, is it too much to ask that it be as pure as they come?

Enter Motherlove.
You can pronounce every ingredient and each one is organic. Every
single one. A dab of this wunder cream will bring much needed relief to
the not so fabulous side of breastfeeding. It feels light and super
soothing to the touch. The minute you put it on, you know that it’s
doing your dirty work. But best of all, it won’t disrupt your
breastfeeding and your little one won’t even notice anything different.
gets even better: Motherlove can also tackle diaper rash like a champ.
Plus, at such a low price, there is no reason why this isn’t on every
baby registry in the nation. –Eva
Motherlove is available at

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