If there’s one thing a new mom needs–besides a post-partum doula who does dishes and makes sushi from scratch–it’s baby recommendations from someone who’s been there. After all, that embroidered silk blanket from Aunt Edith is fabulous, but it’s not going to work as a swaddler during the first 2 AM crying session.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that would deliver boxes of exactly what you need, exactly when you need them? Oh, yeah. There is.

Citrus Lane is a brilliant new subscription service made for moms, by moms. For $25 each month, you get a box guaranteed to hold over $50 worth of carefully curated baby necessities geared toward your baby’s age and needs from newborn to 18 months. Kind of like a surprise goodie bag, only with fun stuff for the baby.

Subscription Boxes for Babies, Preschoolers, and Toddlers at Citrus Lane

For example, their Baby Shower box (pictured at very top) might include a high quality linen swaddle blanket, organic cotton mitts, a $50 gift card for announcement printing, and tools to record your new memories before the sleepless haze of parenthood really sets in. But there are also boxes for new moms, teething, self-feeding, bath time, and more.

The items inside, although always a surprise, are a fantastic ohmygoshineedthat mix of cute and useful from what I’ve seen.

You can sign up for a one-time box as a gift, pay monthly for a subscription, or get a full year of twelve
boxes for the price of ten–making it a great baby shower gift idea, and shipping is included. You can also include a note and let the new mom select whichever boxes she prefers.

Next thing you know, boxes of goodies will start arriving on her doorstep, and she doesn’t even have to get out of her pajamas, which is pretty much the double rainbow of parenthood.

Check out the handy gift service at Citrus Lane!

EDITED TO ADD: Citrus Lane now has boxes for toddlers and preschoolers, too!