Megan Miller Collection nail polishWe tend cover the kind of eco-friendly nail polishes that come in tiny little bottles with colors like Bubblegum and Blueberry Slushie. 

But not today. This one’s just for mom.

The Megan Miller Collection
of nail polishes is sold through Anthropologie, if that tells you
anything, and they’re a fabulous mix of high quality ingredients and
grade A pretty. They’re Big 3 Free, which means no dibutyl
phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde or toluene. So you’re breathing minimal
fumes–although I wouldn’t recommend them for your little ones, mainly
because they’re pricey and, like most premium polishes, take longer to

for you? Oh so fancy. The colors are deep and beautiful with lovely,
delicious names. I tried Roja, Caribbean, and Coral Bliss, which is the
first nail polish color in, oh, ten years that my husband has
actually noticed and complimented. Roja is a bright, true red that looks
stunning on toes and fingers, and Caribbean is a sophisticated
turquoise that makes tan feet shine but is hip enough to take you into
fall. With my usual top coat, they lasted 3 days without chipping on
fingers and a week on toes, but keep in mind that I’m a messy, active,
muppetflail sort of girl and you might get better mileage..~Delilah

Find the Megan Miller collection of eco nail polish with $5 flat rate shipping at the Megan Miller website or at Anthropologie. (Hint: They’re $2 less through the Megan Miller site.)