Personalized Plates at Little UniI want the pink plate. I want the blue one. If I have to use the orange one, I’ll die, because I hate orange more than a thousand. (All actual quotes from my dinner table.)

And if Mommy has to hear the kids argue over plates again, she’s going to go berserkypants.

So here’s a beautiful and safe way to insure that you know who gets which plate. Forever.

The lovely personalized melamine plates from CMP fave Little Uni are available in eight sophisticated designs that mix backgrounds mom
will love with silhouettes the kids will adore. Trucks, owls, crowns,
stars, birds, girls, dogs, and one terrific pig will make it super hard
to choose just one. And best of all, for only two dollars more, you can
have your plates personalized with names.

With names!

The accusation, “that’s my
plate!” can finally be proven in a court of law.~Delilah