I’m all about finding ways to make life easier, especially when there’s a newborn at home. To that end, we raved about the clever designs fromMagnetic Me (formerly Magnificent Baby) when it first launched. The magnetic closure baby clothes make getting baby dressed a zillion times easier than snaps or buttons.

And now they’ve teamed up with one of our favorite mom websites (no, not us!) for a brand new design that’s just too cute.

Magnificent Baby and A-List Mom founder Elina Furman put their minds together and designed the adorable Elephants on Parade fall collection. It’s the same thoughtful sleepwear designs we liked earlier this year, but with an adorable blue or purple elephant motif. The collection includes classic stripes and some simple blue and purple options, too. And I love how soft the PJs are, thanks to the luxurious Peruvian cotton.

It’s hard to go back to regular old snaps and buttons after the ease of magnetic closures. And yes, they stay closed, and no they’re not dangerous. In fact, I’m hoping their next collection includes some tops for me to wear, too.

It’s amazing what sleep deprivation does to your fine motor skills.