Embrace: A Pregnancy JournalWhen I was assigned to check out a pregnancy journal for Cool Mom Picks, I jokingly responded that I’d do it as long as I didn’t have to get pregnant. Well, here I am (no, not pregnant!) flipping through Embrace: A Pregnancy Journal and suddenly I’m kind of longing to be.

It’s just that the book, filled with Nikki McClure’s gorgeous paper
cut illustrations and beautifully simple writing and drawing suggestions, is so darned romantic, it’s hard not to get caught up in the
dreaminess of it all.

With sweet and unique directions to draw or write about
everything from your pillow arrangement to your belly button shape, I’m
suddenly finding myself getting wistful about a baby-filled belly.
Because this book would, without a doubt, be the sweetest pregnancy
keepsake going.

So get one for yourself, your best friend or your cousin. But
more importantly, somebody please take this beautiful pregnancy journal
out of my house. Now! –Stephanie

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