They say your hands show your age. In which case I’m in trouble. The last time I tried to pamper my hands was when a relative gave me a Mary Kay Manicure Set as a gift that had been —gulp— used. There were fingernail gouges in the cream and a… let’s say, a uh…hair in the scrub.


In any case, since having kids, it was definitely time to give it another go.

If you’ve seen the effects of post-diaper change hand washing, or frequent Play-Doh scraping on your hands, you’ll love the Healthy Hand Regimen from our friends at SEED.

The point is that you massage
your hands with the exfoliating Therapeutic Hand Scrub,
which is 100% natural, full of luscious oils and butters, and scented
with a light, bright citrus. Then you dry off and rub in some Healthy Hand Cream, which I tried in Relaxing Lavender–the same scent I adored in their Natural Body Lotion. There’s also a citrus flavor or go fragrance free.

I’ve been trying it out and I could swear my hands are getting younger (and prettier!) by the day.

lotion is moisturizing without being at all greasy, and the effect has been so lovely, I’m painting my fingernails regularly for
the first time in years. Hooray for moms coming first sometimes. ~Delilah


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