Love is Plural album by Always Saturday
Always Saturday makes me happy. While this is technically a “kids” band, the beats are appropriate for big people, too. I’m thinking of their CD as a dance party waiting to happen, and I just want to be a part. After all, any band that evokes the feel of a fun and lazy Saturday has my vote.

What’s really cool about Always Saturday is that not
only do they rock, but they also have heart. The first song on their
new album, Love is Plural, just blows me away; it’s called  A Guy Named Bob, and it’s the greatest homage to the legendary reggae singer. Meanwhile, the title track is a beautiful ode to love.

Adding to the specialness is that proceeds from the album benefit Camp Sunshine,
an organization for children with cancer. And it gets even more magical
when you realize that two guest vocalists on the track are cancer
survivors themselves.

Always Saturday does more
than just sing. They are master storytellers. They invoke a sense of
child wonderment in the surrounding world. Couldn’t we all use a little
more of that? –Eva
Love is Plural by Always Saturday is available at your local independent record store and at cdbaby.

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