Winter Water Factory tote bag
I know it’s hard to get excited about tote bags, but trust me, when they come from one of our favorite children’s labels, we do get a little excited knowing now they make something we moms can wear too.

The new totes from Winter Water Factory really are something special. Don’t believe me? Let me count the ways…they’re beautiful. The eye-catching prints
strike the perfect balance between gorgeous and earthy. Second,
they’re smart. The roomy size and eight pockets keep everything you need at your fingertips, and one is
the perfect size for an iPhone, so you won’t go crazy digging through
your bag trying to find that ringing phone. Love that little detail.

They’re all American made too, with the organic cotton canvas
made in North Carolina, printed in California, and then
cut and sewn in Brooklyn, NY. 

I have the Birds
and Flowers in Navy and everyone wants to know where I got mine. Let’s just say they are not the bags you want to carry if you want to blend in. – Roxanna
Find these totally exciting totes at Winter Water Factory

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