Pottery Barn Kids - National GeographicI have animal-crazy daughters, a wonderful characteristic I attribute in part to awesome grandparents that think to buy them “animal things” before buying them “princess things.” So I was thrilled to see a nice partnership between National Geographic and Pottery Barn Kids, which is helping to broaden kids’ horizons and help some big, beautiful animals too.

National Geographic Pottery Barn Kids partnership
is really nifty as an idea. While of course there are toys and books you can buy curated by National Geographic (I
love the look of that animals
activity tote
) there are also online
activities and resources
for kids including some educational quizzes,
videos, trading cards and free coloring page downloads around their Big Cats initiative.

The more kids know about the other citizens of our planet, the more they might be likely to help take care of them. Making nature fun seems like a decent place to start. –Liz

Learn more about the The

National Geographic Pottery Barn Kids partnership online at Pottery Barn Kids, and check out the next in-store National
Geographic Little Explorers event
near you on November 19. Polar Bears!