Custom hand drawn invitations
I am fairly confident in my taste, and know when I see an invitation that’s special and different. But making it myself? No way. So I am happy to know there are some wonderful artists and designers out there who are willing to work with picky people like me to make us feel part of their custom creative process.

Catherine Polacek of St Paul design and letterpress studio Printerette Press, has a style is just so darn cute, I could eat it all up with a
spoon. I can honestly admit that I am straight up jealous of her talent
and playful vision. Just explore the Printerette Etsy shop and you’ll see what I mean. 
Of her many invtation offerings, one of my favorites is a fully customizable and completely adorable party invitation. Catherine
will actually draw a portrait of your guest of honor. Coloring and
wording is up to you as well. That sure beats the last minute run to the
stationary aisle, like I usually make.

Not only are her designs cool but so are her ordering options. For $75
you can get her to design the invitation file and hand it over to you so
that you can print it on your own. How’s that for flexible? I think
this would be exceptionally great for a big birthday, or any other
special occasion that warrants an extra effort. That’s, Catherine’s. Not
yours.  –Stephanie M

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