Beaba baby bottle drying rack
One of my least favorite parts about the baby stage is all that bottle stuff. The making of the bottles (especially at 4 in the morning), the cleaning of them and the finding somewhere to put them. Two cool-looking new accessories from Beaba offer relief for at least part of the bottle blues.

the company that makes that genius baby food cooker that moms go crazy for, has just come out
with a Folding Draining Rack and a 2-in-1 Bottle Brush that’s worth a click to the registry.

I love
the Folding
Draining Rack
because not only does it make any kitchen look a
whole lot cooler, but it’s designed really well. It has little prongs to
dry nipples and big prongs for the actual bottles. There’s also holes
that lead to a removable drain tray, so you can easily clean it so it
doesn’t all yucky and moldy.

I must admit that I wash most of my
bottle paraphernalia in the dishwasher, but for those hand-washing occasions,
Beaba’s 2-in-1 Bottle Brush is my new must-wash-right-this-moment
savior. The brush itself is super-soft and somehow magically maneuvers
itself into all the right spots in the bottle. The nipple brush is actually
integrated into the main brush, which is where the 2-in-1 comes from. It’s pricey, but you shouldn’t have to replace this bottle brush every three weeks like most of those sponge-based ones.

history with washing nipples is a bit different. There was an instance a
couple years back when I smelled something
burning. It turned out to be a nipple that was somehow melting in the
dishwasher. From then on I’ve been treating my bottle nipples with the
same TLC as my own. -Melissa

Find a
retailer for The Beaba 2-in-1
Bottle Brush and the Folding Draining Rack at

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