File this one under “Ever-Growing List of Gorgeous Things Celebrities Own That We Never Will.” It’s pretty much the most beautiful cradle I have ever seen. With the most extraordinary price tag.

The So-Ro Cradle (“be calm” in Norweigan) is a stunning piece of furniture; walnut-covered baltic birch
plywood, artfully crafted into a safe haven for babies that feels right at home with the Eames and the Noguchi. It rocks forward-to-back, not side-to-side which So-Ro creator Ane Lilian Tveit, a neurological expert, discovered soothes babies much better. And it’s evidently built with all kinds of safety in mind including a tilted mattress with various degrees of elevation at the head to promote the flow of oxygen.


So-Ro modern bassinet in white | Cool Mom PIcks

While I want to make fun of the $800 price tag (zomg!), Ane devotes the other half of her work hours to working with disabled children. If the Jennifer Garners and Tori Spellings of the world are helping to support her with their baby furniture purchases, more power to them.

Find the Scandinavian So-Ro Cradle online at  or learn more at Babyhome