Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers
Whether you’re into classic Zeppelin or that annoyingly peppy pop song about a party under the Hollywood sign, you can’t play it without a guitar. And you definitely shouldn’t party without these extra tiny, extra awesome guitars, just in time for entertaining season.

These adorable Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers give new meaning to ready to rock. Just pour
water into the guitar-shaped molds, insert the neck, and freeze. You end up with guitar-shaped ice, and a neck that behaves as a stirrer.

It goes beyond
ice–you can make rockin’ guitar popsicles with fruit juice for the
kids, too.

I love these for a rock star kids party.
And they’d make a great present for your aspiring musician brother– or
the guy for whom you bought the ninja cookie cutters
for Christmas last year. Ice, Ice Baby. ~Delilah

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