Dana Kelling earrings
My first job out of college was managing a fantastic gallery of artisan crafts in Philadelphia. It was in that glorious place full of so many beautiful things that I began a love affair with handmade designer jewelry. Let’s just say that a decent part of most paychecks went to purchases for myself (at least I had a good discount!!). 

Those relationships lasted and I still love and support many of those artists, but one more than the rest, the oh so talented L.A. based Dana Kellin. So imagine my shock and extreme excitement when I found out Dana Kellin was doing a limited exclusive line for Target. Woot!!! Maybe this is my year after all!

The collection highlights her trademark mixes of
stones and metal, and captures the overall fun and feminine feel of her
handmade designs. Only without the $300 price tags.

Of course Target’s line isn’t handmade and lacks some of the
wire wrapping detail that I am so fond of, but it still screams Dana. At
$9.99- $49.99, those of us with more modest
means can actually purchase multiple pieces for layering, a style that
works so well with her jewelry and that she personally recommended with
this series.

With the holiday season just around the corner these
playful sparklies will surely add a little something extra to that
special holiday outfit.
Or at least to mine. -Stephanie M

Dana Kellin’s exclusive line for Target launches Oct 30 online
and in stores nationwide. For a taste of her work, see Dana Kellin at Shop Style

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