Nursery Rhyme ComicsMy middle son loves graphic novels. They really get him excited about reading, and I’m certainly down with that. I want him to excitedly pick out a book from the library and read it on the ride home. So he about nearly flipped when we saw Nursery Rhymes in comic form.

In Nursery Rhyme Comics different artists from Roz Chast and Gahan Wilson to slightly more obscure ilustrators offer 
their take on various nursery rhymes, so each strip offers its own modern take on the classics. Wait till you see the Old Lady who lives in the
shoe–my son couldn’t stop laughing.

Keep in mind the graphics are quite
sophisticated, and some are on the dark side. So while nursery rhymes in general are meant for the wee folk and the publisher’s age reco is baby-preschool, this book
really isn’t. Read it with your older children, or save it all for
yourself. It’s that good. – Eva

Nursery Rhyme Comics is available at your local
independent bookstore, and at our affiliate,