If you’re a bibliophile like me, then you know that nothing smells as good as an old book. Age, ink, paper, maybe a dash of cracked leather cover. But we’ve discovered a gorgeous trio of classics with a redesign so spectacularly beautiful that… well… the new books kind of take the cake.

Behold the Penguin Threads series. These three book covers were specially commissioned from Brooklyn artist Jillian Tamaki to celebrate the 65th birthday of Penguin Classics. Jillian designed and painstakingly hand-embroidered the covers for The Secret Garden, Emma, and Black Beauty, and the translation from art to book is phenomenal. The covers are sculptural and rich, with unfolding French flaps that show the details of the back of the artwork. The pages are thick and creamy, with deliciously deckled edges.
Guys, I am holding a copy of The Secret Garden right now, and believe me when I say it’s the prettiest paperback I’ve ever seen. These books have managed to make treasured classics even more treasurable and would make a spectacular gift for your favorite bibliophile– or bibliophile to be. 
If you’re in New York, you won’t want to miss the book release party at 7:30pm on November 8 at Purl Soho, one of our favorite craft shops. Jillian and her original artwork will be there, and if you buy a book, you’ll also receive a special embroidery kit. .~Delilah
You can read more about Jillian’s part of the project on her blog. You can get more information on the release party on the Purl Soho website. And you can buy the books at your local indie bookstore, or at our affiliate, Amazon, starting today

To RSVP for the release party, please email penguinthreads@gmail.com.


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