Frankenweenie!Everyone loves the heartwarming story of a boy and his dog. But when that boy is Victor Frankenstein and the dog is a reanimated but still loyal (and cute!) corpse, you know Tim Burton is involved.

If you and your kids liked The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland, you might dig (up) Frankenweenie, too.

If the story sounds familiar, it’s because Burton already made Frankenweenie— and it got him fired from Disney back in 1984. I remember it lovingly, as well as the short movie The Family Dog, which had the same hilarious bull terrier. Thanks to Burton’s recent success with turning cartoons and family movies a little darker (thank you, Alice! ) he’s been given the green light to recreate his original masterpiece in black and white stop-motion animation featuring voice actors like Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara.

Tim creates FrankenweenieIs it a little morbid for a kid movie? Yep. But I always admire how Burton can take the darkest subject and bring it home in a warm and meaningful way. On the outside, it’s a gothy tale of a kid zapping a dead dog with lightning. But on the inside, it’s about loyalty, never giving up on friends, and not judging a book by a cover. That’s a Frankenpup I can get behind.~Delilah

For more information, check out the article about Frankeweenie on WIRED or the Frankenweenie Wikipedia page. Keep your eyes out for a 10/5/12 release date. And happy Halloween cool moms!