Being Elmo movie
I still remember the first time I saw Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo, on a TV show–and I couldn’t believe my ears. Who knew a big guy like Kevin was the voice of the lovable–and, yes, sometimes annoying–little red guy on Sesame Street.

Now with the release of a heralded new documentary about this odd couple, it’s fascinating to learn more about one of the most famous and intriguing pairs in puppeteering.

A true follow-your-dreams-no-matter-what story, I get choked up just watching the trailer for Being Elmo — A Puppeteer’s Journey which won awards at the Sundance Film Festival, among many others.

Beginning with Kevin Clash as a nine year-old, dreaming of being on Sesame Street, the movie depicts his climb to the puppeteering top, despite, doubters, bullies, and high school peers who teased him for “playing with dolls.”

The rest, as you know, is tickle-me history.

This movie isn’t for little kids who might be distressed to learn that Elmo isn’t really alive. But, I would love my ten-year-old to see this just as she is entering those intense peer-pressure conformist years of tween- and teen-dom. Just as long as she brings me along to see it too. –Christina

Find out where Being Elmo is playing near you by visiting their website.

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