Here at CMP, we’re total blockheads. We’ve brought you classic blocks, magnetic blocks, and amusingly subversive blocks. But this is the first time we’re taking it old school, all the way back to the periodic table. Yes, friends, you’re not just building towers.  These are the very building blocks of matter.

Whether you’ve got a chemistry teacher friend with a Bunsen burner in the oven or your cousin the chemical engineer has a new miniature assistant, these Periodic Table Building Blocks are the perfect shower or holiday gift.

As Sherlock would say, it’s elementary. And as Beaker would say, MEEP!

The twenty brightly colored basswood blocks cover every element in the periodic table, including name, atomic number, and symbol. Teach your kid that K is for Potassium, not Kangaroo! The good news is that the blocks are handmade and adorable. The better news is that randomly mixing the elements won’t cause an explosion of caustic foam like the one I made in 12th grade physics.~Delilah

Find the Periodic Table Building Blocks at Uncommon Goods.

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