Harajuku Mini for Target
So we’ve finally got a look at the much anticipated Gwen Stefani Harajuku Mini line for Target. While it’s hopefully not going to lead Missoni-style riots at the store, I’d say if you’ve got some funky kids to clothe, it’s definitely worth a trip to Tarzhay.

[see some more of the Harajuku Mini looks we like after the jump]

Japan’s Harajuku street fashion comes to life in the collection, which
means mixing and matching the wildest looks you feel comfortable with;
think plaids with stripes, layers over tutus, and leggings that match
skirts that match vests.

It’s a little cyberpunk, a little hiphop, a little nerd rock, and a
little costume play.

I’m loving quite a few of the pieces–especially the plaids–and I’m encouraged to see that the girls’ clothes don’t look
particularly provocative. I could live without the word “cute!” on every other baby girl
item but I suppose that’s true to the street
fashion it mimics.

Harajuku Mini Toddler Boy

Harajuku Mini Toddler Girl

Harajuku Mini for Target

Prices are $3.99 to
$59.99, but most are in
the $20 range with tees ringing in at $10-13.

The site is wildly buggy right now (click on a tutu and
get taken to a really ugly dinette set) so your best bet is to hit your
local Target and see if it lives up to your every hope and dream. Just uh, don’t trample anyone at the racks please. They’re only clothes..  –Liz

Visit your local Target store to see the Harajuku Mini collection launching today! Items are available in-store only.

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