I have an arsenal of go-to occasion gifts and one of my favs for the ladies in my life is the classic initial necklace. Perfect for a new mama or a friend’s birthday it always leaves my girls feeling extra special. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the discovery of these sweet embroidered initial necklaces from Boston jewelry designer Danielle Spurge.

In her Etsy shop, the Merriweather Council you can customize your own darling pendant from the background fabric and thread colors to the style of the lettering.

It is just a perfect and adorable little gift appropriate for all ages being feminine, dainty and hip all at once. For $32 you could certainly scratch a couple people off your shopping list with this little find. I know I’ll be adding one to my personal ever growing holiday wish list, in case anyone is interested.

Explore the embroidered universe of the Merriweather Council at Etsy for personalized initial necklaces