anamalz treehouse
My kids fell in love with Anamalz right away. Not so much because they were made out of eco-friendly, organic wood and textiles by a super cool Australian company. But because of all the reasons kids like toys–they’re cute. And they’re awesome. They’re bendy and they stay upright. And they inspire imagination.

Want a sheep to roar like a lion? Want a dinosaur to sing all the words to Twinkle Twinkle? Done. Try doing that with some AAA-battery devouring toy.

So now I’m happy to find that there’s a whole new playhouse made just for our Anamalz.

Not that they are unhappy in the huge plastic box I store them in, but I
think they might just like the Anamalz
a little better. If you’ve got lots of the jungle
Anamalz, this is the perfect accessory. If you’re more about farm
Amamalz, the barn
might be more your speed.

But then, who’s to say a Toucan can’t be best friends with a milk cow
and hang out in a tree? That’s what imagination is all about. -Liz

Find the Anamalz

Treehouse online from Fat Brain Toys. Or learn more about them from
the Anamalz
(warning: sound).

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