Portable ping pong
I have this one person on my list that I can’t stand holiday shopping for. Why? Because she already has everything. Really. If it’s something she likes, she buys it before anyone else has the chance. It’s the worst. 

But, for the first time ever, I may have found something that she doesn’t have. And her kids will love it, too. 

This Pongo
Portable Ping Pong
set found at Mxyplyzyk is the best. Its paddles with
retractable handles and handy drawstring pouch mean you can tote it with
you and set up anywhere. And it’s got a weighted net, which means it
doesn’t require any mounting (or tools!). 
This could be the one thing she doesn’t have that she never knew she wanted. Score! -Lexi

Set someone up with a Pongo Portable Ping Pong set sold at Mxyplyzyk

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