Custom holiday cards from Pinhole PressLast year we discovered the beautiful new holiday card company, Pinhole
. And this year, the company has a whole new lineup of cards–so I’m glad to have discovered them myself. Let’s just say making holiday cards stresses me out so much, I usually put them off for a long time. Like until February.

But this year, I just may have cards out to family and friends in time for the holidays. And I don’t mean Groundhog Day.

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The process is incredibly simple. You choose from
one of the stunning card options (there is no wrong
decision here–they’re all lovely, really), key in the message, and upload the
photos into an easy-to-navigate template. I made the sweetest cards
in truly about five minutes. I haven’t sent them yet, but
that’s another story. And everyone we know who’s ordered from them has been so delighted with the quality.
This year we’re excited to see Pinhole Press has added some other custom items too, like calendars, notepads, brag books, which is a fabulous idea for holiday presents. (Is there a great grandparent alive who doesn’t like a photo of the kids on everything?)

One strong tip: consider spending the extra cash for shipping
options that go beyond standard ground so you can track your order, especially as we get closer to the holidays. Also, I suggest you order now if
you want to be sure to get them out to everyone by the time jingle bells
ring.    -Lexi

Send your loved
ones lovely holiday cards from Pinhole
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