I have a chronic and embarrassing condition called “failure to plan ahead”, which occasionally leaves me without a hostess gift, cute wrapping paper, or party decorations.

Good news! There’s a cure, and it comes in book form.
Martha Stewart to the rescue!

Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts is one of those books as beautiful as it is helpful. With projects that start with New Year’s and end with Hanukkah and Christmas, you’re sure to find something beautiful to make for every holiday and the seasons in between, including lots of fun crafts for kids.

The Christmas section is especially broad, including distinct sections for tree trimming, decorations, centerpieces, wreaths, cards, wrappings, and gift giving. And although some projects require supplies so exotic or expensive that I had to laugh (gold dust on pears, really?), there are plenty of fun ideas that involve no more than paper, love, and glitter–with an emphasis on glitter.
We’re definitely going to be using our extra glass jars to make the Winter Wonderland Snow Globes, and I’m also digging the Candy Cane Mice, which I think my daughter would love to make for her class at school. That’s what’s so much fun about this collection of crafts: there are elegant centerpieces for fine dining, and then there are sweet little projects where your kids get to slap on the googly eyes. And looking ahead, I’ve got so many index cards stuck in the Easter egg section it’s not even funny.

Now here’s the caveat: it is Martha Stewart. If you don’t like her style, you’re probably heading over to Etsy instead right now, which is perfectly cool. But I found myself more inspired than I would have guessed, especially by gifts that can work year-round, like the Love Knot Bracelet or Bath Fizzies. Which I guess I should start making before I catch another mortifying case of the “failure to plan aheads”, huh? ~Delilah
Find Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts at your local indie bookstore or from our affiliate, Amazon. Your crafty friend, mom, or grandmother will thank you. 

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