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I’ve never been much of a shea butter gal. I know there are women who swear by it, but at least for my skin, it tends to be a little too gloppy and a little too rich. So I was somewhat surprised to find a shea-based face cream that I’m actually loving for these drying days of winter.

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All of the products from beauty writer turned beauty product creator Elizabeth
are 100% natural, with lots of nutritious minerals and no
toxic ingredients at all. And oh the packaging is so so pretty. But
good typography, as I’ve learned, can be deceiving. (I’m still
recovering from that high-end French baby lotion gift set that made my
baby reek like the perfume floor at Bloomingdale’s on a bad day.)

elizabeth dehn
I’m particularly impressed with the Elizabeth Dehn shea cream which
doesn’t have that strong shea butter scent I’ve come to expect, and
doesn’t feel like I’ve coated my face in a pound of margarine. It’s a little pricey, but it will last you a good long time; just a little goes a long
way. Rub a small dab together in your hands to warm it up, and dab it onto your skin. Ahh.

feels luxurious but not greasy, and gives me just that extra moisture
boost I need when the forced hot air comes on in our apartment.

If you’ve got a beauty gift in mind, there’s a whole Elizabeth
Dehn gift set
complete with the shea cream, plus a lovely face
spray and a hydrating serum. But this really might be one you want to keep for yourself. -Liz

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