I have a hardcore crush on Nutella. Although I must admit, I think their ads that tell you to serve it to your kid as a breakfast food are a little hard to swallow–like my kids need more help eating waffles? Even so, the combo of chocolate and hazelnut is absurdly perfect as a treat. And now I’ve found another option that’s similar–but totally organic, from Nocciolata.

From the Italian company Rigoni di Asiago is a hazelnut spread with dark chocolate and milk that’s fabulous. It’s made entirely from organically farmed ingredients without artificial ingredients or palm oil. It’s a little more sauce-like in consistency than Nutella but that wouldn’t stop me from spreading it on anything. Must be the loads of sugar in there that make it taste so good, huh.

If you happen to see it in your local gourmet store or at Amazon, grab some. You can curse my name later. –

Find Nocciolata, from our affiliate Amazon, or local specialty or health food storesOr heck, fly to Italy and get some. That would be my choice.

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