Papercut map art by Crafterall
My kids have always been fascinated by maps and globes, which I think is great. One of my greatest dreams is to raise children who love travel. So we love looking for postcards, artwork, and books that commemorate some of the places we’ve been. But I haven’t seen anything like this incredible papercut art.

Layered papercut art from Crafterall would be cool if you don’t even realize they’re topographical maps and not abstractions.

There’s everything from New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee where I spent my summer camp years, to the great island of Manhattan to a gorgeous blue and white San Francisco Bay

Lake Minnetonka by Crafterall
above. I like the ones with more color and more layers (you can
choose from 20 palettes), but there are some quietly lovely two-color
pieces as well, all made from the same excellent quality card stock.

I also think the white-on-white Lake Minnetonka piece (at right) is just beautiful. I’ve never been, but it makes me want to go. –Liz

Find the beautiful geographic papercut art from Crafterall online at Etsy at great prices for original art. You can also browse their Topographical Cards.

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