Petit Collage fabric dollsI grew up playing with muñecas de trapo (rag dolls) so when I saw the new modern doll line by Cool Mom Pick favorite Petit Collage I was instantly smitten. They’re just like the dolls I grew up with — except that, well, they’re not exactly made of rags. 

Far from it, actually.

The fabrics designed by Petit Collage are so pretty and
whimsical that you almost forget these dolls are toys meant for
children. But they are! And how beautiful would they look on a shelf until your baby is old enough to take good care of them.

There are three designs: Apple of My Eye, Sweet Pea and Queen of Hearts. I have my eye on the Queen of Hearts — she’s wearing stripes and a polka dot tiara — how can I resist? I’m only human. –Roxanna

The all new Modern Rag Dolls, handmade of organic cotton and wool felt, are available for preorder at