Baby massage matOne of my favorite pre-bedtime rituals with my son is massaging his little feet before I put him in his PJs. He immediately relaxes and gives me the biggest smile. I usually do this routine on his changing table, which is never that easy because he squirms way too close to the edge for my taste. Thanks to a new beautiful, yummy-soft massage mat, I have a new, non-scary spot to give my little guy a rub down.

The luxurious Quilted Massage Mat from the moms at Honeydumplings (the creators of those awesome buckwheat pillows)
is one of those splurge items that a new mama might really appreciate at her baby shower along with the diaper coupons and the butt cream. It’s made of an insanely
soft combo of bamboo and organic cotton with an organic cotton and
polyester filling that doubles in thickness after the first washing. And I
love that the vanilla-hued mat is free of chemicals and dyes.

The mat also comes
with a sheet to cover baby while you’re giving her a rubdown, as well as a
reflexology guide–but you don’t just have to use the mat for massages alone, of course.

We got
countless bright and colorful quilts and receiving blankets as baby
gifts, so it’s really nice to give your eyes a break, especially at
night time, which is when we use the mat the most.

The mat is by no means a steal, but I fully
plan on using it after my little guy outgrows it at about 18 months. I’ve already tested it
out as a foot-covering blankie while watching TV and let me tell
you–it’s goood! -Melissa

The Honeydumplings Quilted Massage Mat is $49 at