charlize theron at golden globes
Whatever we thought of the red carpet fashion at the Golden Globes last night–to say nothing of some of those skinny, skinny arms (eat something, will you people?) it was so much fun to watch. I couldn’t get enough of Michelle Williams, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and Claire Danes. And the one thing they all had in common: simple diamond studs in their ears.

Okay, BIG simple diamond studs.

I’m already laughing at the “Steal This Look!” emails that are filling up my inbox this morning, post-awards show. But it is kind of cool to know that there’s one red carpet trend that will look good on any of us mamas.

Fantasy Jewelry Box, which is the queen of the “Steal This Look” jewelry sites, has a pretty big selection from a pair of $970 .25 karat real diamond studs to big, fun 3 karat cz cubic zirconia studs, just like Angelina’s and Charlize’s–now on sale for $29.95. 

There’s also colored Swarovski crystal stud earrings like these pretty topaz pair, that look a whole lot like what Evan Rachel Wood was gorgeously sporting last night. And if you prefer humongo square diamond studs like Claire Danes did, this princess cut option is also a huge deal.

Are the faux gems ever going to look real? Eh, maybe not. But let’s be honest, real isn’t always the trait I think of first when it comes to Hollywood. –Liz

Visit Fantasy Jewelry Box and Get 20% off the premium diamond collection with code PREM20, and free shipping on all orders over $75.

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