The eerily smart thermostat!
We joined Wednesday’s blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA, but we’re glad to be back online, sharing some of the coolest tech finds from the last week, many of which we found through the very web sites we’re hoping to protect.

1. If you like Words with Friends, here are two new apps to add to your word game addiction.

2. We found a thermostat so smart, it practically thinks for you. Our Facebook fans went nuts over it!

3. This adorable app for kids is the next best thing to having a dog.

4. The prettiest iPad cover is the one you design yourself with your own photos. And the one that’s designed to repel coffee. Ahem.

5. If you received one of those emails from last week regarding the massive security hack, here are some smart tips for keeping your password safe and memorable. To you, that is.

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