We do quite a bit of reading in our house especially now that bedtime has somehow extended to an hour. The hour mostly involves the reading and re-reading of a single book over and over and over. So I know a book has gotten a major kiddo thumbs up when it makes the evening rotation. Our newest addition? Chopsticks by New York Times best seller and CMP favorite, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Overall it’s a very cute story about the importance of friendship and independence. Similar to its predecessor Spoon, Amy’s story, accompanied by Scott Magoon’s adorable illustrations, is centered on the friendship of a pair of Chopsticks.

What happens to the pair when one chopstick suffers a broken stem that takes him out of commission for a while? As our daughter already loves to personify everything in our house, she definitely got a major kick out of the utensils and other household items lending their two cents to the situation.

If you are curious what one chopstick can do on his own I encourage you find out. It might just give you some ideas on what to do with that solo one in your kitchen junk drawer right now.

Grab a copy of Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal at your local indie book shop or our affiliate, Amazon.