Travel the word with Lately LilyI don’t have many strong beliefs but one thing I feel very passionately about is travel. We have just this one world provided to us and I believe it is our responsibility as global citizens to get to know it a bit beyond our own backyards. I fully plan on showing my daughter as much of the world as I am able and encouraging her to go out and explore on her own…. but she’s 2.

So for now, we’ll start the global education at home with this amazing site. 

I was so thrilled with the discovery of the Lately Lily website. Fictitious Lily is
the daughter of a writer and photographer for a super awesome world
magazine, so of course she spends her days living out of a suitcase and
exploring the amazing world around her. You can click on her suitcase for an interactive look at what she packs, or read her beautiful notebook where her online followers can keep up with her journeys and musings from Paris to Peru.

It’s all the fabulous brain child of California based author and illustrator
Micah Player and apparel designer Erin Nichols. The pair were
inspired by the adventure seeking characters of their youths like
Madeline, Curious George, and Corduroy (some of my personal favorites!)
and the amazing thoughts and observations of their own children. And if you fall in love with her enough, you’ll want to check out the bright and lovely series of hand-drawn Lately Lily t-shirts inspired by her travels.

Lately Lily tees

Click over and you’ll realize what a fantastic concept this is. So much so, I am really looking forward to seeing where Lily
takes us next. –Stephanie M

This season Lily brings us to Peru. Read through her notebook and shop the regionally inspired teeshirt designs at Lately Lily.