little trendstar
When my kids were little, I was constantly on the lookout for cool kids tees–something a little different.
If you’ve got a thing for rock-inspired tees for your toddler, I’ve got the answer: Little Trendstar.

The shirts are clever without being snarky, sweet without being
saccharine, and the colors and graphics are fantastic. And as an extra
bonus, Little Trendstar’s line is loaded with 80’s references, and who’s
not a sucker for those?

The Benatar tee (at right) is a perfect combination of punk and princess, without being too much of either. I also really like the Beat Goes On and the Old School mix tape tees tees (at top).

Awesome. Or rad. Or like, ohmigod, totally not grody to the max. ~Susan

Rockin’ kids’ tees are available for boys and girls in sizes 2T- 6T at Little Trendstar. All orders ship for just $1!

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