Non-sugary Valentine's gifts: Woodland Love blocksWhen it comes to giving Valentines gifts, I’ll refrain from saying that my kids are “sweet enough already.” But, let’s face it: they’ll be bombarded with candy hearts, lollipops and other sweets on the 14th. My plan is to find some non-sweet treats they’ll love for a lot longer than that pink lollipop.

Here are some of my favorite choices for kids of all ages. –Christina

The Woodland Love wooden blocks from Tiny Giraffe Shop come packaged in a little drawstring bag ready to give to your Valentine. The illustrations are so sweet, they’d be perfect on top of the dresser but later are ready to be mixed in with all of the other blocks at playtime. ($15, currently out of stock)

Kids' Valentine's gift: LEGO heart

My LEGO-loving tween would call this clever heart necklace by SapphireSquares a super sweet Valentine’s gift. No need to fuss with a tiny clasp either, just unsnap the two LEGO bricks to put the necklace on or off. ($14 at Shana Logic)  

Kids' Valentine's gift: heart-shaped Tooth Fairy box

If a visit from the tooth fairy is in future, this little tinplate heart-shaped tooth box is just the right size for a tiny tooth. It comes in four colors too, so even those who aren’t so fond of pink can have their very own. ($3.50 at Romp)

Kids' Valentine's gifts: tattoos

My kids would cover themselves in’s adorable– and temporary–Valentine’s tattoos. And just like the chocolate that will be smeared on their hands and face, these tattoos come off easily too. (8-card set for $15)

Kids' Valentine's gifts: Fluf lunch bag

Put your love on display as they march off to school with this colorful Organic Lunch Bag from Fluf. The BPA-free, washable lining means they’ll never have to say they’re sorry for spilling applesauce all over the inside. ($18.49 at Erie Drive) 
Kids' Valentine's gifts: Felt fortune cookies

And inside their lunch bags, tuck in your own sweet fortune with the adorable felt fortune cookies from Curly Birds. Order your own, or just follow the tutorial and DIY if you’re crafty. You can use the little slips of paper inside to scribe your own note, like “I see ice cream for dinner” and see how fast they run home from the bus stop. ($8 for three, currently out of stock; or free tutorial on site.)