Explore Disneyland in your pajamas!We’re in awe at how far technology has come, even in just the past year. Our favorite picks from the past week are so 2012. And that’s a really awesome thing.

1. Check the home thermostat from work? Turn on the fan from carpool? With the invention of one special gadge, the future is here, friends.

2. This new app is as close as you can get to actually being at Disneyland, without spending $6 on a bottle of water.

3. This amazing new digital video baby monitor does everything but burp the baby. 

4. Pretty smart phone cases are great, but this clever smart phone case protects from 95% of that nasty radiation– and it’s now available for Droid users, too.

5. One app, two app, you need it, too, app? This new collection of Dr. Suess’s most beloved books in app form will be an instant hit.