While we’ve had baby shower gifts on the brain this week, we haven’t forgotten our bigger kids–and neither has one of our favorite brands, Appaman, which just launched their hot new spring/summer line. Fans of the ’80s? You’re going to like this one.

Crank up the Donna Summer, dim all the lights sweet darlin’, and check out the cuteness.

I’m now officially counting the days til snow is no longer a possibility, since getting a look at the new Appaman clothes on preorder at Psychobaby for spring/summer. Girls really score this
season with a great selection of bright, candy-colored tank dresses with motifs like winged roller skates or simple stripes. My daughter owned one with a Vespa motif when she was younger and it held up so beautifully, I was squeezing her into it until it became cruel.

And that girls roller skate tankini set? Dying of love. When I was a kid I’d have begged my parents for it daily.

appaman boys swim trunks

For boys, I totally dig the selection of swim trunks; especially the monkey surf shorts, and the colorblocked boys swim trunks (at right) which will come in handy if you’ve got spring break plans to warmer climes and a drawer full of outgrown swimsuits. They come in sizes from 6
months to 8 years so dudes of every stripe (ha) are in luck.

And I’d think any kid would look good in that roll bounce jacket which is scholastic chic. Or how would we have said it in the ’80s?  Oh right. Tubular. –Liz

Find the new Appaman kids clothes collection for spring/summer on preorder at Psychobaby.