Jessica Swift rain boots
I’ve had our eye on Atlanta-based artisan Jessica Swift ever since I discovered her gorgeous reversible ceramic necklace at the Indie Craft Experience. She’s since expanded with a fabulous line of cool iPhone cases, and now, these adorable rain boots that, along with this warm patch of weather, have me wishing for spring.

Her pretty new line of rain boots
feature her beautiful art work on the outside along with a sweet,
surprise message on the inside. The Carmindy boots (pictured) say “You
are perfect just the way you are” and the bold, bright Ennika style have
“This is the moment, your moment.”  And while I might not necessarily
be the empowering message kind of girl, sometimes, when I’m chasing
after four kids and I’m counting down the minutes to bedtime, I need a
little boost of the not-so-caffeinated kind. Cool shoes + a few words of
encouragement = magic! -Kristen

You can purchase Jessica Swift’s new line of rain boots at JessicaSwift,com

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