Today is a great day to spend a few moments talking to the kids about our U.S. presidents and their important contributions to society. But with these cool presidential blocks, you can have that conversation all the way to Election Day and beyond.

Amazingly detailed, colorfully patriotic, and even educational, Uncle Goose’s fine Presidential Blocks are a great edu-toy and keepsake for kids way too young to vote.

The 45 blocks include all 44 U.S. presidents, with one block holding the “Oath of Office”, so your future politico can get started memorizing that early. Older kids can test their smarts by trying to line the presidents up in order, while younger ones will just enjoy stacking them. I love how the blocks go together to create the American flag which sits neatly in a wooden base. I’d set it up for display on the Fourth of July or Inauguration Day.

And when your toddler starts gumming the blocks, rest assured that the inks used to make the bright colors come from an American manufacturer who does not use heavy metals, and the wood is all sustainable Michigan basswood. Yes, just like the men on them, these blocks were all born in the USA. Christina

You can order the made-in-the-USA Presidential Blocks direct from Uncle Goose’s website.